Original Work Built For Your Space

Most commissions evolve over a series of conversations between client and artist, ensuring the finished piece or series complements the client’s environment, personal aesthetics, and often, existing architectural or design choices. It’s absolutely still an original Chris Richard piece--it’s simply been created to enhance another space.

Site Specific and Built to Fit

By the time a client, designer, or gallery approaches Chris for a commission they’ve already become familiar with his work. This allows artist and client to focus in on the details of various pieces that they are drawn to. It is in these details that he and the client refine the direction their commissioned work will take.

Chris says, “I will have a conversation about almost any type of commission. For clients whose vision really stretches my direction, I will give an honest answer as to whether or not I have the equipment and/or skill set to proceed. Deciding on the finer details of a commission involves several rounds of communication. I will continue to present refined ideas to the client as we close in on a final design. My commissions have always entailed presenting drawings of different options as the basis for discussion. Once we have reached an agreement about the piece I will present a timeline and construction will begin.”

Private Homes and Corporate Lobbies

Chris has created commissioned pieces for private homes, corporate, public and commercial spaces. “Commissions for private homes are usually very personal,” he says. “The owner often relates to something in the work to the extent that they want to bring it into their personal space. That has always been a true honor for me. Corporate and public work is similar. The client is usually commissioning the work to communicate something, oftentimes it’s a reflection or extension of their sensibilities. That is what I try to tap into.”

Whether part of a new personal series, or a custom site-specific installation, each and every piece Chris produces is an honest, integral part of his development and growth as an artist, from the 1970s to date.

Let’s create work that's customized for your space.